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400-002-0311 0311-88705580
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Shijiazhuang Idea electric co., LTD

Tel400-002-0311 0311-88705580
AddressNo.2 of FuKang Road,NanWei Village,Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City,Heibei Province,China.

News and Information

Glory has its cause,don't forget beginner's mind

Time:2017-8-14 11:11:17   Source:   Author :   Click:4677time
2017 is the tenth year of the establishment of Idea Electric,Ten years of ups and downs, Idea takes the excellent quality,technology leadership,service-oriented as business fundamentals,create a set of "production,learning, research, sales, service" close system,development and innovation,self-improvement.On the occasion of 10th anniversary, Idea held the JingBei grassland and Mountain Resort Tour, at the same time, also held the tenth anniversary celebration.The trip made us feel the natural beauty of the JingBei grassland and the unique grassland culture,Mountain Resort is imposing,local customs and natural beauty make people linger on.
The staff of the company brought us a variety of programs at the party, The poetry recital makes us feel the idea ten years sad way,the song makes us feel the idea family warmth,Mr. Zhang Yanguo, the general manager of the company, expounded the establishment, the present situation and the future plan of the company at the party,and award the ten meritorious characters.At the party, the lit bonfire and the flying lanterns were given the company vision and good wishes.
Colleagues and customers were also invited to participate in the event, and they gave high praise to the event.
In the future,we will still strive to use technology and services to accompany you for the next ten years,or even twenty years...
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